Three Smart Ways to Unclog your Sink!


When it’s time for water to run out of a stuffy sink

This problem is usually caused by an obstacle limiting the flow of water. The drainage of your kitchen may contain things like frozen fat and food waste that penetrate the pipes during dish washing. In a bathroom sink, blocking is more likely to be caused by hair and soap remnants.

Shower drains are particularly prone to clogging the hair and soap. The problem can be particularly acute if users have longer hair and knots are created. An obstruction can help prevent problems from plugging the sink from hair hair.

Methods to squeeze the sink could include the use of a plunger, the use of soda and vinegar, or a chemical detergent obstruction. If the problem is not addressed, then it will probably worsen over time until it finally needs a responsible company (Αποφράξεις Αθηνών) for obstruction.

1st Way – Chemical formulations

• Make sure you follow all the instructions on the packaging and make sure you do not abuse quantity.
• Wear gloves and safety glasses.
• Do not mix chemicals. This can produce poisonous gases.
• Pour the chemicals into the sink piping.
Note: Chemicals may cause damage to drainage pipes if used repeatedly, so we recommend that you not resort to this method only if necessary.
On average, most people call a professional plumber to unplug a kitchen sink about once in three years.


2nd Way – Ice Cream and Thick Salt

The second way to easily squeeze your sink is to fill your siphon with ice cubes and drop into thick sea salt. Then, open the tap to run off enough water and allow the water to run until the ice cubes melt. Salt combined with water goes into the pipes and releases the sink from fats and dirt.

3rd Way – Salt with Soda

Mix half a cup of salt with half a cup of baking soda. Pour the mixture into the clogged sink and allow it to act for more than 20 minutes. Then you have to pour boiled water, so it is recommended that this way is tested at night so that it can act throughout its duration.

Extra advice!

To avoid the bad smells that emerge when unpacking the sink, rub on its surface Greek coffee.

If the problem continues to exist then you should ask a professional (Αποφράξεις Αθηνών) to do the job for your.

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